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What is the job of a business manager? What actually is management? How much money do they earn?

What is the job of a business manager? What actually is management? How much money do they earn?What is the job of a business manager? What actually is management? How much money do they earn?2021-11-25 20:21:02Mr_牧

Ana, there are 1) Assistant managers, 2) Store managers 3) Middle management aka area managers, 4) Regional managers and ultimately 5) Executive management in most large businesses. Small businesses may have a short version of that chain with different title names. Depending on the size of the company, salaries vary. Assistant managers in a small retail operation can make anywhere from 32,000 per year to 52,000, while managers at that level from 45,000 to 69,000 approximately. Larger company's may pay better such as bonuses and spiffs. Area and regional managers can make anywhere from 80,000 to 150,000 or more depending on the size of the company. Some company's may call those positions “account managers" but it is basically managing an area of the operations business for a particular company. Executive level management will include but is not limited to 1)Chief Opperations Officer (COO) 2) Chief financial officer (CFO), Chief Executive Officer (CEO) to name a few. In small companies those positions can pay 110,000 per year to 250,000 per year. In large operations like Bridgestone Retail Opperatikns, Wal-Mart and Apple for example, those executives make from 10 million to 100 million per year depending on the size and their role in the company. Hope this helps. The roles to many of these positions range from daily business operations management to major business decisions and investments that the company makes involving millions of dollars. You can research each title that I named for more details. Best of luck in your research and career aspirations.

How much will you earn with a degree in business?

How much will you earn with a degree in business?2021-07-06 02:40:26Mr_公羊

You will earn exactly zero. The degree doesn't generate money. The true question is what will YOU be worth? The degree shows you were able to undertake a course of study successfully, and that you learned some basics of marketing, finance, communications, economics, etc. Rarely does a business need someone with shallow depth across so broad a field. A business usually needs a "specialist", someone who is extremely good at a narrow focus, one that the business needs or really brings in money.
The degree might open up a door for you (although they're so common I don't see it as likely as in the past). But now it is what YOU can bring to the table thru your various experiences, ways of looking at the world, your work ethic, and your ability to get along with a wide range of people..... THIS is what really gives you value. A degree is simply a degree, especially if it's as generic as "business". What sets you apart from all the others with that same degree? Its all the stuff mentioned a couple sentences ago.
If the true meaning of the question was, "Is a business degree going to bring in more money than other types of degrees I could get?"...... the answer is still: No.

What do you actually learn in a business management university course?

What do you actually learn in a business management university course?2021-07-31 05:00:42Mr_阎

In an actual business management course you will learn various theories and approaches to management. In a second business management course you will likely learn operations management which involves a lot of quantitative techniques like time study analysis, Henry Ford and the assembly line and so on. You won't learn finance as such; that is done in a specific managerial finance course, which you usually do in second year. In first year, you will take a basic accounting course, which you need to understand terms used in the finance course, such as net income, depreciation and so on and to develop a basic concept of what the financial statements are, such as a balance sheet, income statement and cash flow statement.

How do I get a job as a teacher? How much do they earn per year? Is it interesting work?

How do I get a job as a teacher? How much do they earn per year? Is it interesting work?2021-07-06 08:39:01Mr_黄

In the US, being a teacher requires a four year degree - typically in Pedagogy (teaching) for elementary and middle schools (grades 1 through 8). High schools like degrees in the field, but are not usually required. Each state has its own certification requirement - typically a state test in the field of intent. For example, Florida requires that anyone teaching biology, aquatic science, and environmental science take an exam in those fields before being certified to teach them - and these exams are on top of the four year degrees. A first year teacher can expect to earn $24k a year at a small, rural school their first year — more in urban schools. The teaching can be very rewarding, when you see a student have that ‘light bulb moment’ in which they finally understand what it is you have been teaching. It can also be challenging, managing students, grading mountains of assignments, and fulfilling the many paperwork obligations of the school and the state. Many students have troubles at home, are starving, are dehydrated or sleep deprived, are abused or just neglected, and it can break your heart when a 16 year old with great potential only reads at a 5th grade level. It can be difficult and challenging, enough so that half of all first year teachers quit. It can also be rewarding and humbling, when students you haven’t seen in years give you a hug for helping them learn in difficult times.

How much money does Roman Saini earn through uncademy?

How much money does Roman Saini earn through uncademy?2021-06-30 08:47:13Mr_空

A lot!

Yes, he is earning a lot of praises, respect, and above all the blessings from the needy people who couldn't afford to pay the hefty fees for coachings. The Tutorials are extremely helpful and are free.

Unacademy is doing a spectacular job!

Is a construction management a good job? What can I do to become a construction manager?

Is a construction management a good job? What can I do to become a construction manager?2021-05-15 18:28:26Mr_桑

There are two paths- one is through engineering (or perhaps quantity surveying/ contract administration,) the other is on the tools.







How much do you earn?

How much do you earn?2021-08-25 02:51:43Mr_鲍

Just working part-time I earn around 3000 to 5000 a week.
Even you can earn money just like me.

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How can I earn money as a student? How much money do you earn in a month as a college student?

How can I earn money as a student? How much money do you earn in a month as a college student?2021-08-18 13:12:23Mr_古

whether you can earn or how much you can earn—will depend on your seriousness.

Much depends on your sincerity.

I have heard more for wanting to do something, but not sincere. Once something is available they become choosy.

Actually the approach should be to take up any short/long terms work available—do it , earn something and learn and move on to something bigger.

Blogging, making videos is not an easy things.

Best is to volunteer with NGOs etc for real learning. This will help you in deciding what kind of job after your graduation, and if you wish to study more you will be able to decide what course to do.

Depending on time you can spare while doing justice to your course, see what best you can do.

Start this from 1st year of college.

First work then, money will come later.

This is from my experience f talking to many who wish to do some art time work.

Be honest with your self, and do not sacrifice your course of study. Not many can do justice to both.

How much money does a college basketball official earn

How much money does a college basketball official earn2021-08-31 14:08:30Mr_冉

Info below on upper tier DI officials is incorrect. "Big Six" conference officials are paid approximately 750 per game for the two support officials and 900 for the lead official. The also get a per diem for food on game day and their travel is paid for by the host school. They are independent contractors.

Div III, Comm. and JUCO make anywhere from $50 - $150, depending on level.

D2 would AVERAGE about $250,

Lower D1 anywhere from $450- $1200

Upper tier D1 (ACC, Pac-10, Big 12, etc) make anywhere from $1600-2000, depending on conference and if its a conference game.

For all except some D III, the check is waiting for you when you get to the game.