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Why should I use Doubtnut over BYJU’S or Unacademy?

Why should I use Doubtnut over BYJU’S or Unacademy?Why should I use Doubtnut over BYJU’S or Unacademy?2021-11-27 20:41:01Mr_富

Gurgaon-based Doubtnut, an ed-tech startup founded in 2016, through its app gives students free video solutions to their maths problems. The app solves the problem in real-time.

Companies either took a long time to resolve doubts or had to rely upon and wait for the team or mentor to respond. On the other hand, Doubtnut focused more on providing free doubt solving instantly.

However, in my opinion, just doubt solving shouldn’t be the only criteria to decide which is better, the main purpose of any edtech is to make sure the students understand the concepts and they are able to proceed further. I have had a decent experience with byjus so far.

Why did Unacademy not succeed like Byju's?

Why did Unacademy not succeed like Byju's?2021-07-31 13:14:55Mr_段干

Byju's started from one classroom to coaching in packed stadiums. The need only got bigger and forced them to go online to cater and benefit larger groups of students.

Their success offline carried over online.

I have heard that Byju's actually has a great quality of teachers, learning modules, and engaging videos with interesting animation and graphics. They also have comprehensive study materials with chapter-wise tests and personalised feedback build confidence among students.

If a student is unable to understand any concept at their first attempt, they can go through the learning videos multiple times whenever they want based on their need.

Byjus built the edtech industry in india from the foundation. Unacademy and the others although good in their own right can only play catch up with byjus.

I feel the overall learning experience created by the Byju's app is very useful for students and the parents' involvement is greater because of which they are more successful and popular.

Why does Byju’s not buy Unacademy?

Why does Byju’s not buy Unacademy?2021-07-31 13:15:49Mr_池


For the following reasons:

  • They’re not selling: Unacademy is actually doing pretty decent themselves with valuations soaring and new investments coming in during the pandemic.
  • No Value add: BYJU’S typically takes over a company if they have something that BYJU’S doesn’t have. Like OSMO for their product, WhiteHat for their USA base and their coding product. Unacademy offers similar courses and BYJU’S product is currently better. BYJU’S has even started their live classes (wasn’t there last year) and have been doing pretty well in that segment as well.
  • It’ll be expensive: Unacademy is currently worth around $2 Billion. That is a huge amount. To put things in perspective, WhiteHat takeover was the biggest in Startup taking over startup category at $350 Million.

Why should I prefer GMAT over CAT?

Why should I prefer GMAT over CAT?2021-06-30 20:55:50Mr_查

A common dilemma for MBA aspirants is choosing between CAT and GMAT. Here’s an attempt to help you understand which exam to choose.

Each year there are thousands of applicants who are in a confusion when it comes to opting either CAT or GMAT. It is a major decision for them because giving these exams tests opens doors to a number of opportunities for the aspirants.

So before they finalize the exam, it is important for them to know what these two exams offer. They need to know certain details of both these exams.

Number of attempts

GMAT can be given a number of times throughout the year, whereas CAT can only be given once a year. CAT leaves no space for flexibility. In GMAT you can take the exam five times in a year. This gives room for flexibility, as applicants can choose the date when they want to give GMAT.

What they test?

Another distinguishing factor between the two tests is how they probe an applicant. CAT examination focuses more on interpreting data and quantitative analysis. On the other hand, GMAT focuses more on analytical skills and verbal reasoning. Applicants need to understand that companies which recruit MBAs are looking for people who have good communication skills, critical thinking and leadership.

Validity of the score

This is a major differentiating factor between the two examinations. A CAT score is valid for only one year. There are a few institutions that consider an applicant’s CAT score of the previous year. On the other hand, an applicant’s GMAT score will be valid for five years. Again as far as flexibility is concerned, GMAT is more adaptable.

Choice of institutions

CAT score is accepted by IIMs and other B-Schools. Applicants need to remember that CAT at its very core is Indian education-centric. So if they are looking to get an admission in one of the Indian B-schools, CAT is the right exam to take.

GMAT score is accepted by Indian as well as B-Schools across the world. In other words, an applicant has more options to choose. Just because the number of B-Schools increases, it doesn’t mean that the quality reduces. On the contrary, the quality of the B-School also increases. Top B-Schools such as Harvard Business School, Wharton and Stanford all accept GMAT scores, adding to its value.

Ease of admissions

When it comes to CAT, admission to the college of choice is not easy. Only a handful of applicants get the colleges they want. Because the number of applicants is a lot and the seats less, so the Government of India has even opened a number of IIMSs across the country in the past few years.

If we talk about GMAT, it is much easier for the applicants to get the college of their choice. The main reason for this is that B-Schools across the world accept GMAT score. Moreover, even IIMs have started accepting GMAT score. Because B-Schools are spread out across the globe when it comes to GMAT, applicants have more options to choose from.

Format of the test

This is again one area where these two exams differ greatly. GMAT is a more of a computer adaptive test. This indicates that CAT will adjust to the level of difficulty based on your performance of the previous question.

For example, if you answer your 1st question with ease, your next question will be relatively difficult. The level of difficulty will keep on changing according to your calibre. On the other hand, if you are unable to answer the question, your next question will be an easy one.

In short!!!!!!!!!!! It is the student’s decision to choose the exam wisely.

Why hasn't the AskIITians app been as famous as Unacademy or Byju's?

Why hasn't the AskIITians app been as famous as Unacademy or Byju's?2021-08-02 03:38:16Mr_计

That is probably because of the marketing.

You get to see Byju's add every then and now. On TV and as Ads when you browse over the internet. While it is not the same in case of AskIITians as many people are not aware about the particular website. Although the content provided by both are equivalently good. The only lag is Advertising.

How is the Unacademy NEET PG? Why should i prefer it over Marrow or PrepLadder

How is the Unacademy NEET PG? Why should i prefer it over Marrow or PrepLadder2021-06-28 06:27:31Mr_东郭

Unacademy is just entering in NEET PG. if i am talking about the oldest institute that is Bhatia and also their egurukul app is truely dedicated to NEET PG Aspirants.

As a egurukul user, I can share my experience! Be ready for definite answer!

One thing I should add is, egurukul is the most ideal path for readiness over all other on the web/disconnected training classes.

Test Series

In the event that you are getting ready with DAMS/Marrow or some other instructing organization, you will likewise top off their own test series. Clearly attitude of their personnel will be same they utilized during instructing. So your test outcomes will be erroneously high. So it's smarter to join test series arranged from different educators which can evaluate you some low, in any case it will wind up in more difficult work and positive outcomes.

Q bank

This is the something excellent from their side As though you are assistant or post understudy, have instructing notes or planning notes however have some an ideal opportunity to follow subject savvy mcqs - . For Question bank, egurukul has most minimal safety buffer I have seen. Yield is a whole lot higher contrasting any subject savvy book you follow for mcq. Furthermore, as I told prior, you will have various educators for appraisal so bogus high evaluation won't be there!! Bookmarking and updating subjectwise mcqs is additionally stunning component!


This program is best from egurukul. all what we need are revision for exam. the short duration program which totally dedicated to last minute learning, apart from all 19 subject video lectures it will also include 22 grand test +34 subject wise test. this is a dream pack for any neet pg aspirant which are truly increased their revision in a excellent manner

Should I use Unacademy for the UPSC CSE exam?

Should I use Unacademy for the UPSC CSE exam?2021-06-27 22:45:26Mr_宗政

Yes, you should. Unacademy is the best online platform to ace your preperations for the UPSE CSE examination. It has top educators of the nation having a great team experience and who themselves have qualified the examination with a great score.

For upse cse unacademy is having a huge team of educators providing you different courses in all the subjects and you will have the access to all the contents produced by all the educators.

The best part is all the classes taken are live classes so you can clarify your doubts at that particular instant and you will get a feeling that someone is sitting just beside you and is explaining you each and every thing.

The quizzes ,live doubt sessions, test series etc are just awaesome. They give you a prior feeling of how the competituon is going to be. Also it saves your time as everything is going to be in your hand. You need not travel anywhere. You can study from unacademy anytime and anywhere. You need not take any tension when you miss a particular lecture as the recordings of each and every thing are there so you can easily watch them at anytime.

I can't explain what unacademy is in few sentences. What all I can do is tell you that it is an awaesome platform and will help you till end of your preperations.

In case of any of your questions or concerns do message me and I will be happy to help you out. Also I am an educator on unacademy, if you want some sort of huge discounts, you can use my referral code AAYUSHCHANDIWAL and get it easily. Just try it and do share your unacademy Learning experience with me!!

Happy Learning


How is the Unacademy NEET PG? Why should i prefer it over Marrow or PrepLadder

How is the Unacademy NEET PG? Why should i prefer it over Marrow or PrepLadder2021-06-28 06:27:27Mr_司

I don’t know but what i understand is that the facullties are not stable,as there are too many options to make the students confused..& it is not as organised as the other two..just came up in the market with some reknowned faculties to drag the attention of the students like devesh mishra & rajamahendran. & it is also costlier than the other two platfroms..so,better to go if you have money..Just see it’s free youtube videos,you will get what i try to say..Rest is your call..

Which should I choose for MBA preparation, Unacademy or BYJU?

Which should I choose for MBA preparation, Unacademy or BYJU?2021-08-02 03:02:18Mr_屠

Try unacademy. For a month. Its free if you feel comfortable and confident about teaching method only then buy paid subscription.

Byjus - a clear no no