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Can I take whole online classes a semester in a non-online college?

Can I take whole online classes a semester in a non-online college?Can I take whole online classes a semester in a non-online college?2021-09-15 13:34:02Mr_任

In the US?

Sometimes, maybe often, but it really depends on the college or university.

Assuming that a school has both in-class and online courses, it often depends how the organization is structured. At the last two colleges I worked, it would be reasonably easy to switch to online, but at another college where I once worked, it would be a major hassle, since the “day” college was run totally separately from the “online” college. And there was a political angle, the people running the day college did not like the idea of online learning.

Can you do online classes at Florida Career College

Can you do online classes at Florida Career College2021-08-26 20:14:31Mr_魏

Yes, Florida Career College does offer online classes to attending students. They offer many degrees like business, health, and cosmetology and many are available online.

Should I take an online college course?

Should I take an online college course?2021-08-20 00:28:00Mr_充

Yes and no is the kind of answer which comes to mind!

  1. What are you priorities for education and training?
  2. Do you need and will you get good high school grades for your planned career as entrepreneur, manager, professional professor, teacher, or…?
  3. Will diverting your engagement with learning now damage your chances of success at high school examinations?
  4. If you do not succeed at high school would you miss the quality college or university education which may be within your capabilities?

In other words every force change has consequential force changes in different directions. Recommend that you:

  1. Do a SWOT analysis and ponder.
  2. Create a decision tree analysis and ponder.
  3. Consider whether you might better get a balanced perspective (if needed) by taking up one or more of sport, volunteering, helping your class mates or younger pupils…etc?

Where can I get the best CA online classes?

Where can I get the best CA online classes?2021-07-01 11:55:02Mr_邬

I have completed my CA foundation recently so I believe I am competent to answer your query.

As CA foundation is an entry level exam ,you can easily clear it without coachings if you do study mat of icai properly and mtp/rtp as most of the questions are repeated (only the concepts, the figures and cases of the question will be changed).

I believe if you are a commerce student then it will be easy for you to understand Accountancy on your own and you need classes just for understanding the new concepts of Business laws and Accountancy. So i am mentioning the subject wise Youtube Faculty that i used for concept clarity:

Accountancy : CA Anand Bhangariya sir - His revision lectures on the youtube covers the entire syllabus and almost all the concepts along with few mtp/rtps , So it is highly recommended to go through his lectures once if you want to do a quick revision or are not clear with a concept.If you want to take online paid lectures then you can go for meritnation or Aldine(they provide satellite classes but you can have most of the classes on laptop after asking your center manager).For rest, study material is enough.

Business Law : Refer Ankita patni Mam's classes for quick revision of concepts and learn from ICAI modules only they are sufficient if you do written practise of MTP/RTP . You can also refer AMIT POPLI sir's revision lectures which are available for free on youtube.

English: Do self study . You dont need to attend any classes for english . Just learn ICAI Study material thoroughly (emphasise on communication chapter,6 mark questions are asked from it directly ).Learn some new words and read some good articles, reports, letters etc for improving your writing skills.

Maths: Check out Grooming education on youtube for concepts . You will not face difficulty if you are a maths student but if your from non maths background then try to cover as much topics from the core mathematics part as much as you can, rest focus on statistics and logical reasoning for passing. Practise from previous year question papers is required.

Business and Commercial Knowledge: You don't need any coaching for this subject . It is more of book cramming subject , just read the icai module as much as you can and make your own study notes . Make sure not to leave the back questions of the chapters , they come directly in exams (almost 40%). Try to score as much as you can in this subject , it is the most scoring subject in CA foundation . I know people who have scored 100 in it.

Business Economics : It requires some basic concepts of class 12 , but even if you do it from study material on your own,it is sufficient. It is given in a legible language that you can comprehend on your own .But if you want to take coachings then you can watch CA harshad jhaju's lectures for Free on youtube. But for paid lectures, i would recommend you to join Manish Dua Sir's Classes or Aldine (you can ask them if they can provide you the lectures on AVA ).Rest practise is the key to success.

Don't Panic. CA foundation will be easy for you if you do the ICAI MODULE properly and practise enough to clear your concepts.

I hope i solved all your queries.

For Further Information, you can ask me directly .


How challenging are online college classes?

How challenging are online college classes?2021-08-19 23:06:10Mr_沈

It's easilest way to learn something new .

Don't worry go with confidence

Is it OK to take IELTS classes online? There are various online classes. Which online IELTS class is recommended?

Is it OK to take IELTS classes online? There are various online classes. Which online IELTS class is recommended?2021-06-19 02:47:24Mr_公冶

Online IELTS is good for many reasons.


~ Primarly in Writing it gives you an option to overcome handwriting and corrections and also help you to do edits by lloking at the entire essay at one go.

~ *Suppose by mistake if I delete the whole paragraph, can I do undo to get back?* ANSWER: It gives you the CTRL+Z for you to go back on some typed texts for corrections (Word of caution... It probably changes only the last 2 actions only.... This is my guess because I found it doesn't have restrictions beyond the last 2 actions..)

~ Another thing to consider is that there is a precise word count available and once you start typing, the count will keep adding to the number that appears at the top of the screen (see image below..) the entire word count but if you want to remember the exact word count for each para that would not be possible through selection of the para....(mind well, it only gives total word count, but doesn't give the count of selected text - So you could just do a CTRL + X to see the count of the words in a para that is left in the screen and then do a CTRL+Y to bring the original text back).

You could do is keep noting it separately in the rough sheet when you finish each para...That way you can keep track of the quantity of each para when you are trying to keep the structure and form of paras consistent

~ The Reading section gives you an option for purposes of Section 3 (the toughest) to read the Essay on your left screen and do a parallel review of the questions and the answer, in relation to a particular topic/author (I could, using this technique, finish the Reading part 20 minutes before the scheduled time), on the right screen.

~ During the course of the individual Listening and Reading (more relevant) parts, you could go back and chek on any of the answers and review and correct it.

~ There are fewer people giving the tests at the exam centre and creates a more peacefull environment to attempt the tests.

~ The screen is large.

~ There are rough papers given for taking down rough notes etc.

~ Especially in the Listening section, when you have answers with more than 3 words or when the Audio runs a bit faster than otherwise, you could use the rough papers to take down notes that you could use to catch up.


~ Don’t do any last minute revisions in your essay otherwise you will end up messing it, as the Computer does an auto stop and save before you finish the revisions, as it doesn’t count the seconds bit and shows the minute tab only, you will never know when the last 1 minute finishes.

~ People unfamiliar with Computers and don’t have keyboard usage experience, especially the typing speed will find it difficult to manage Writing part.

PS: I will be writing a separate blog on How the Online TESTS progress and a know it all guide for the Test separately.

Can I take trusted online master degree?

Can I take trusted online master degree?2021-06-17 10:27:41Mr_袁

There are many online courses offered from traditional brick and mortar universities. Some programs include, online MBAs from UNC, CMU, UIUC, online MS in CS from Stanford, UIUC, UFL, GaTech, online MS in data science from Indiana, Berkeley etc. Most of these universities will not probably mention whether the mode of studies is online. So from the perspective of the prospective employers, I think that you should be just fine.

How is your experience regarding online classes in your first semester at college?

How is your experience regarding online classes in your first semester at college?2021-08-20 00:27:35Mr_相

Ughh, online classes !! It’s been 2.5 months since we (students of NITT) are studying online and now we are exhausted of this .

I have classes starting at 9:30 in the morning and goes on till 4 or 5 (sometimes) and I really feel exhausted to sit in front of my PC, the whole day. It’s harder to get motivated . If you’re physically present at college , you’ll be more energized and you’ll feel more encouraged to work .

Adding to this , multiple assignments given by multiple teachers is another big headache. It’s difficult to get several assignments done at the right due dates if we’re already struggling on one .

Also , I personally feel the classes are quite boring. Even though some teachers really work hard to make the class interesting , there are quite a few classes where I feel bored( Instagram comes to help :D) , where only the teachers speaks , with no interaction between the students and the teachers. The virtual lab and record submission really pisses me off !!

Another issue is the network problem , which most of them face( due to power shutdown / poor signal/ remote area). Those facing network issues find it really difficult to attend classes and to upload their answer sheets on time.

On the other hand , online classes seems to be fun too . There are many events , guest lectures, competitions which helps us acquire new skills .

The recorded lectures aids us to prepare for the CTs, friends who teach the subject ,the night before the exams(even at 1 am) , talented MC’s who make us laugh hard , learning new languages ( so far maadiye and adipoli) and so called “ angels “ who helps us during exams (:D) .

We also have a casual online meet monthly/weekly with our classmates so that we get to know more about each other.

(Happy us after completing a 3 hr long lecture! :D)

We really wish, they open the campus very soon !!!!

Where can I get the best CMA online classes?

Where can I get the best CMA online classes?2021-07-25 06:34:19Mr_娄

Hello, As one of my friend also searching CMA online classes , so for his help i used to do some research online and got to know about all these classes, have a look on it hope it will helps .

Many online portals provide CMA Intermediate course . Below are some of the names of online coaching :

  • CAclubindia
  • Takshila Learning
  • CAcart
  • Conceptonlineclasses

Replying to your question about the best online coaching . I want to mention that it is wholly depends upon you because every faculty has their own tricks and techniques which faculty line up to your understanding go with that one .

For that ,Takshila Learning has the best faculty that make their lecture understandable as they discuss every topic in detail so that it get cleared in one go . But if you didn’t grasp, they also provide unlimited views to the lectures to make sure you never get stuck anywhere.

In my opinion , i will suggest you to go for Takshila Learning as you can register anytime. No registration fee needed. Once you buy your course, with in 24 hours you get your login id and password. You are ready to start your study without wasting your time.

You can access your course anywhere, anytime and on any device . They provide you 24x7 faculty support by adding you on whatsapp group with the respective faculty . In order to support students,they encourage regular interaction with faculties which could be through emails, whatsapp or call.

They also provide webinars every month to discuss tips and important topic.Their video Lectures are mapped as per latest syllabus of ICMA.

I am adding a demo lecture for your assistance :

And do fill the form for best assistance and knowledge along the website.

Thanks !