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How does TCS declare the results of the final interview? How will they inform the students who were not selected?

How does TCS declare the results of the final interview? How will they inform the students who were not selected?How does TCS declare the results of the final interview? How will they inform the students who were not selected?2021-09-15 13:32:02Mr_成

Speaking from Personal Experience -

I got selected in the TCS on Oct-2013, it was my 7th semester in the college, as all other engineering students I was also eagerly waiting for TCS to come for Placements in our college(as they are the one who take up students in Bulk irrespective of their branch) and as I am from EC background having not much knowledge about coding, this the company I was looking for.

For my betterment they arrived soon.
In total their are 600 students who were appearing for First round of interview which is an Aptitude test along with Essay writing , and some other students was also there who're in top 5 in their respective Branches but they didn’t have to appear for aptitude test as they are toppers(I was not one of them :D).
So, in total they were 620 students.

After first day of test we have given the notification that the result will be announced next day in the morning, and next day it was announced on the notice board around 8 am and yes I got selected.

So in total 196 students were selected and along with result we have given notice that the Technical round and HR round will be taking place today only from 12 noon. I arranged my doc’s and went for the interview.

Both of my interviews were around 45–60 mins, And after day long wait the result is announced on the same evening at 9 pm.

They have called name one by one of all the selected students and In total 42 Students were selected(by Luck, I was one of them).

But in other case, next year they have announced the result after few days of final Interview.

So mate sit tight, And all the best.

How were your IGCSE board exam results?

How were your IGCSE board exam results?2021-08-23 23:49:33Mr_司马


I sat for the Cambridge IGCSE board exams in oct/nov 2013 . My results were quite close to what I had expected .

Accounting : A

Economics : A

Mathematics : A

Physics : A

Chemistry : B

English Language (first language): B

I have always thought that I could have performed much better but as it is said , we get what we deserve !

How were your IGCSE board exam results?

How were your IGCSE board exam results?2021-08-23 23:49:18Mr_钮

I chose seven subjects for the IGCSE exam and got an A* in 5 and an A in 2 subjects. I was happy with my results since I didn’t burn the midnight oil, unlike my friends from other education boards. I had a wonderful time and Class 9 & 10 and participated in sports and various cultural activities while ensuring that I study according to plan.

I give most of the credit to my school, Primus Public School in Bangalore. The teachers, administration, and counsellor ensured that none of the students panicked or got overwhelmed and kept working on their areas of weaknesses while making their vital areas stronger.

They kept encouraging us to play sports, watch a movie, and have fun while focusing on our studies too. As a result, we reached the examination centre with a calm disposition that helped us perform better. My parents were also very supportive and were in constant touch with my teachers at school, keeping tabs on my progress.

While I was satisfied with my results, I was also very happy that I didn’t bring my life to a screeching halt to appear for the exam. Those two years taught me how to manage stressful situations. If you prepare well and don’t leave things for the last minute, there is nothing to worry about. Back yourself and appear for the exam with confidence. Some people might try to make the examination seem larger than life. Talk to your teachers or counsellor at school and create a study plan and stick to it.

How were your IGCSE board exam results?

How were your IGCSE board exam results?2021-08-23 23:49:19Mr_殷

Woah, I’ve been waiting for a long time to answer this question, hehe.

Physics- A*- 95



Maths- A*- 96 (I am proud lol)

English Language- A- 86

Hindi- A - 82 - (I fucked up big time)

ICT- A* - 90 (close call lmao)

Aggregate- A* - 91

Soo, I started out the year in a mad frenzy, wondering if I’d even be able to score 85%. If I had know that I would’ve been the highest in my grade at school, I’d have calmed my ass down but then, I wouldn’t have studied at all. Well, I’m just thankful that I successfully(?) passed my tenth standard. It took a lot of effort- scratch that- luck and I’m depresse- *cough* *cough*- elated that I did well.

(Not exactly. I mean I could have done well in ICT, Hindi and English. My teachers were so damn sure that I’d score an A* in those languages. But I-)

How does Cambridge conducts interview for international students?

How does Cambridge conducts interview for international students?2021-08-24 04:26:26Mr_隆

Cambridge expects all candidates to attend an interview. How exactly this works is up to the individual colleges.

Most international students - particularly those from Europe - are expected to attend a face-to-face interview in Cambridge, as normal. They will typically be offered accommodation in the college for one night, either before or after the interview as appropriate, but will be responsible for their own travel costs. Some colleges may have certain bursaries available to help international students attend interviews, but this is not universal.

Some colleges send interviewers to other parts of the world to conduct interviews with large numbers of international students at a location which is easier for them to access. My college, for example, conducted some interviews in (if I remember correctly) Malaysia, which was easier (and cheaper) for Asian students. Again, this varies by college.

The best thing to do is contact the college you’re interested in and ask them what their arrangements for interviewing international students might be.

Thanks for the A2A.

What are some interview experiences by students who were interviewed for ISB?

What are some interview experiences by students who were interviewed for ISB?2021-08-09 07:53:05Mr_巫马

Date : October XY , 2020

Panel size : 3 (male: 1 , female: 2)

Interview duration : 30 mins

Interview type : Non stress , super chill alums

Personal background:

Engineer..Male..IT… aspiring Prod Manager ..gmat 710…work ex.- 4 yrs 3 m

Annotations used :

Interviewer 1 - super senior alum,male,friendly ( M),

Interviewer 2 - 2015 batch alum,female, cold expression throughout(F1),

Interviewer 3 - 2018 batch alum, female, supportive (F2)

Interview questions:

M : What is Ranchi famous for, apart from Dhoni? This was followed by discussion on Jharkhand being a mineral rich state and what Madhu koda did to Jharkhand. Madhu koda came into the discussion because I talked about his 5000 cr scam first. Overall, this discussion went for a minute.

M : Any instance of your formative year where you showed leadership skill.

Talked about an instance from my professional career. M wanted some other example. Talked about me being the school house captain.

M : Why ISB and also, mention the biggest achievement of your life.

Talked about my interest in product management and how ISB provides a good platform. Talked about ISB's strong prod management community. Talked about the kind of diversity that I have at my work place and related it to ISB. Talked about strong ISB alum network. Also mentioned how my experience fits well with ISB's batch average experience.

F1 : Tell me more about the Cricket example that you have mentioned in your leadership essay.

Explained it. Follow the STAR method. I had it my mind but while speaking, STAR ka band baj jata hai interview me so practice it.

F2 : Tell me about the projects that you have been working on.

Elaborated the projects. Told about the developemt and customer focus experience.

F2 : Is it a direct interaction with the customer or is it an interaction with your extended support team which further coordinates with the customer?

Explained about the kind of interaction. She was convinced.

F1 : Tell me more about the customer escalation example that you have mentioned in your leadership essay.


F1: Was there any appreciation for the work ?

Told about the award that I had received. Had forgot to end my previous answer with the appreciation that I had received. So, try to include the achievements in your answers.

M : In your LOR , your prod manager has mentioned that there was an instance when he gave you a feedback to holistically view a project before starting it. What was this instance about?

Tried to explain why was the feedback given and how I took it in a constructive manner without being bogged down by it.

M : Also, in your LOR, there has been a mention of you co-ordinating the tasks well. So, what kind of interaction do you have with your product manager. Do you guys discuss about product management roles or are these just coffee corner discussions.

Explained my work related dependencies on my prod manager. Also discussed about how he helps me with my customer related escalations.

F2 : I do see you have really good exposure on development and customer enablement fronts. You already interact with your prod manager and work with him. Don't you think working in the same role will lead to your short term goal of being a prod manager. Why is an MBA required.

Started with how my current role has provided me the required progression in terms of engineering driven perspectives. Talked about the limitations of my role in terms of opportunities to develop business acumen. Told her that even if I continue in this role, I might get an entry level prod management role after 4-5 years but my knowledge of functional know how of things will still be very limited. So, instead of waiting for 4–5 years to develop this knowledge, would like to go ahead with formal business education and that is why an MBA and would prefer to use the post MBA 3-4 years to hone the business skills gained through MBA.

She said that it does make a lot of sense.

M: Since we do have some more time left. Let me put you in a situation. Imagine you are a product manager at Amazon and you have to come up with an app that elderly people can use to take their thoughts away from corona. What will you think of.

I took some time to think and did a lot of cross questions. Then came up with an idea of selling virtual experience on Amazon. The experience can be of Selling a subscription for live Ganga Aarti for the religious people.

M: How will you ensure that elderly use this application without any help.

Took some time and told them that may be a simple UI can help..he himself suggested that let us drop this. Seems a difficult one.

F2 : What are some life lessons learned from cricket. How have you used these lessons in your personal and professional life.

Answered ..

M : Any question for us….

Did ask one and always do ask atleast one. If nothing comes into your mind, ask about their experience or learning that they feel remained till date even after so many years of graduating from ISB.

And the interview ended.

Verdict: Don't know. Need to wait.

How long does Infosys generally take to declare the final results for an off-campus drive?

How long does Infosys generally take to declare the final results for an off-campus drive?2021-08-29 04:30:08Mr_辛

I had applied at Infosys off campus recruitment drive in August 2018. I already had a job offer from TCS but as a back up, I tried my luck at Infosys too since I had nothing better to do.

The first round was scheduled on 21st August when we appeared for the online aptitude round. The results were declared in the evening over mail, about 5/6 hours after the exam. Luckily I was one of them who got shortlisted.

The next day we had the interview scheduled. My interview was over in 15 minutes but we were not told how long would it take for the results to be declared. I had a few batch mates who were already placed at Infosys who told me that Infosys sends a rejection mail to the rejected candidates within 7–10 days of the interview. If you don't get such a mail in 10 days, you are basically selected but the selection mail takes some time to come.

I joined TCS in the next month. The Offer Letter of Infosys arrived two months after the interview was conducted on 24th October and the joining was scheduled three months later in January 2019.

From my personal experience, it takes a little longer time to declare the final results for the companies like Infosys during off campus than on campus, maybe because the total strength of candidates applying is a lot more.

When does TUM declare its first level of admission results for international students for Master of Science (Msc)?

When does TUM declare its first level of admission results for international students for Master of Science (Msc)?2021-06-25 03:58:06Mr_郗

It depends on when you have applied.

Generally the deadline is 30th of March for international students (Though it is a little loose as one can still apply up until the hard deadline of 31st May).
The admissions team prioritize the international applicants and try to reply within 2-3 weeks of time.

In my case, I made sure my documents reached the office by 30th March and their decision came on 17th April.
So, all in all, it takes about 15-20 days from the day your application documents have been received by the TUM admissions office.

How many students who prepared for UPSC through Unacademy have qualified in the latest results?

How many students who prepared for UPSC through Unacademy have qualified in the latest results?2021-06-18 19:29:55Mr_厍



The reason is that their course is very average and they are just all noise with no real work. They just believe that they are best and if students won't listen to them then it will be difficult for them.

I met students who took their paid course and they were too much dissatisfied. If you complain on their Facebook group then they will delete the post. They have a whole brigade of paid accounts which will just come and shout at you.

Also get rid of the term that unacademy is making an educational revolution. They are an online coaching class with few lectures for free.

I personally feel Roman is very arrogant and he just gets annoyed if you disagree with him.

They charge a hefty fee for courses which are also a mediocore. There is no difference in YouTube and unacademy. In YouTube also you can watch lectures for free.

If you are really a serious CSE aspirant then follow good books, self study.