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Did raven go to college

Did raven go to collegeDid raven go to college2021-11-27 20:52:02Mr_方

No, Raven did not go to college.

Did hitler go to college

Did hitler go to college2021-08-26 21:04:57Mr_慕容

No he tried to get into art collage but he failed. He was a nice person when he was younger he was really religious.

Where did you go for college?

Where did you go for college?2021-06-19 07:44:38Mr_宿

During my high school years, many of the popular kids in school were going to weekly gatherings. One was called Young Life, and another was called Youth Ranch. I wasn't really interested. Then an older neighbor asked me to an ”all you can eat” hamburger cook-out. It turned out to be a Youth Ranch thing. After the great food, everybody went into the basement of the house, guitar players played, and all the kids sang religious songs. A recent college graduate spoke for about 15 minutes and several of the newer kids prayed to accept Jesus as their savior. I became a regular attendee at several of these meetings around the city. I wanted to be the guy up front talking about Jesus. That is why I attended Florida Bible College.

Did Barbra Streisand go to college?

Did Barbra Streisand go to college? 2021-08-29 08:10:47Mr_慕

One part of Streisand's was a show business cliche: a New York ethnic who went into show business as a teenager in order to help the pay the family bills, and who never had a chance to go to college.

Where did you go for college?

Where did you go for college?2021-06-19 07:44:26Mr_须

Ugh. Just wrote an awesome answer to a question you didn't ask. But thanks for the A2A.

So now that I've shared something Quora-equivalent to posting a video on YouTube of hitting myself square in the jewels with a golf ball….

I attended Truman State University for five main reasons. Each reason, however has multiple prongs.



While in high school is was big into all things music. Concert band (1st chair trumpet*), Jazz Band (Lead Trumpet), various other wind ensembles, choir, madrigal, chamber choir. You get the point.

Truman has a very good reputation for musicians. And as I had an interest in at least a minor in music (I ended up double majoring for three semesters), I had a meeting with the trumpet professor, hit it off with him, and that settled that.

They also have a long history of solid jazz at Truman. I knew that I could continue to play high-level jazz there whether I was a major or not.



Even though I'm from Iowa originally, Truman's cost is really reasonable for out-of-state students. As I was fortunate that my parents were willing and able to pay for much of my college, I did have to take some student loans each year. I was, however, able to graduate with less than $25,000 total loan debt leaving me a manageable monthly payment.

Additionally, I was offered multiple scholarships to attend Truman. See, my mom is also an alumna of Truman, I had decent grades and test scores in high school, and I was awarded a music scholarship to play in the jazz band.

It's sort of funny, truth be told. The other two schools I seriously considered were small liberal arts colleges in Iowa. After receiving everything they could offer including loans and scholarship, Truman was less expensive with NO FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE. Yeah. Made it a no brainer.


I wanted to move out and be my own person. As most people don't suppose. But although I wanted to go, I also didn't want to be too far away.

Kirksville, MO (where Truman is located), is only about 50 minutes from my hometown. And that's driving normal speeds. Hit some rural highways… I definitely deserved a ticket a time or two. But enough about my driving habits.

Truman was just the right distance that I knew my parents wouldn't come driving into town to check up on me, or I wouldn't run into them at Walmart, but close enough that when I forgot my music after a weekend home, I could drive back after classes and grab it without disrupting my day.


Well, I mentioned my mom being an alumna earlier. She had attended Truman later in life to earn her Master's degree in Accounting. She knew the quality of the school, quality of the students, and knew that the degrees I was interested in (music and business) we're solid.

My band director for my senior year was also a fairly recent alum. He was the one who set up me meeting the trumpet professor originally, had strong ties to the music department in general, and had a better understanding of the difference between music programs between all of the schools I was interested in attending.



If you've read this far, this really just ends up being a rehash from the previous sections, but it was part of the process.

Truman is well known for having strong music and business programs. And since I was potentially interested in accounting, I knew that was also a possibility (see ALUMNI).

Although if I had stuck out both degrees, it would have taken five years, I knew that the faculty in each would be willing to help me walk away with what I wanted.

Now, if you were to ask me if I'd do it again (YES) and why. That would have to include two more intems:

Student Organizations I was a part of.

The faculty at Truman.

I hope you find this information interesting and useful. Comment if you want or need additional info on anything!

Did Bob Hope go to college

Did Bob Hope go to college2021-08-26 20:52:07Mr_史


He "graduated" from an industrial boys school -- nearly a reform school -- and immediately went into the entertainment business.

Where did you go for college?

Where did you go for college?2021-06-19 07:44:29Mr_黄

I’m at Flagler College (in St. Augustine, Florida), for a good number of reasons:

  1. Location. Driving to any of my friends or relatives from St. Augustine can take a while (the longest drive I regularly make is 6 hours, and the shortest is about 2), but it is situated in such a way that I am not impossibly far from anyone. I can still get somewhere in a day if I need to, and can spend a weekend without feeling like all I did was travel. At the same time, it was far enough for me to be left to my own devices without any meddling neighbors or adults bugging me about eating Taco Bell at 3 am. In addition to all these reasons, I also wanted to live in Florida again. Despite the heat, I still love the state.
  2. Subject material and majors: I wanted a school which allowed me to major in both Psychology and Sociology. Flagler offers both.
  3. Price. While it is certainly not the cheapest school, I can graduate without debt, and that was my main concern.
  4. Classroom size. I hate the idea of not being able to readily access my professors or have a deep class discussion, and lecture halls don’t really promote either of those conditions. Flagler will not allow any class to be over 25 students. That meant I got to know each of my professors, and I knew they would recognize me without a problem as well. I could also elicit help IN the class.
  5. They accept AP credits. I’m ahead an entire semester because of taking AP throughout high school and due to my school accepting them.

Now, I didn’t list these criteria in a specific order because they were all really important to me in one way or another. And as I finish up my junior year this semester I can say I have no regrets. I love my school. Go Saints!

Note: I made no mention of scholarships because I knew I would be accepted on academic scholarships regardless because of my high school GPA. (It also helps that I’m Latina.)

Did Hitler go to college or university college?

Did Hitler go to college or university college? 2021-08-29 22:23:42Mr_蒙


Where did you go for college?

Where did you go for college?2021-06-19 07:44:28Mr_花

I chose the University of Michigan - Dearborn for a myriad of different reasons.

  1. I got rejected by the Ann Arbor campus and I'm actually rather glad I did. It would have been way too much school for me to handle, especially with their class sizes and the competition on campus. Dearborn offers me smaller class sizes with access to professors when I need them. At Ann Arbor, class sizes will swell well over 100+ students and you will fall behind quick. Here, my biggest class is 60 students.
  2. I got more than enough aid and scholarships to pay the higher cost for a really good business school. I’m paying less for almost the same education, just at the commuter campus.
  3. It was the closest program to my home. Well, besides schools like Wayne State, and Eastern. However, their business programs aren't as highly rated in the Midwest as UM-D.
  4. In all honesty, one of the biggest deal breakers for me was the fact the campus is only 5 minutes from Millers bar. Always rated as the best burger in town and it truly is. I tell everyone I chose my school because Millers was down the road.